Thursday, 26 April 2012

Favourite Design

Favourite design...

Well I suppose it's a tad overdue that I made another post. Things have been rather busy at work on various projects, but the upside to that is that I've managed to create a few items which I can put out there for everyone...

I spotted this coffee table on Dezeen quite some time ago now, and began to model it but work got the better of me and it got put on hold. It's designed by Reinier De Jong, quite a tallented designer judging by some of the works on his website;

I'm thinking I may just have to have a crack at modelling that REK Bookcase, looks fantastic I think!

Today I finally got round to doing all the fiddly little bits such as setting up constraints on the model so that it can be manouvred as you would in real life, without breaking it. Also a fair bit of texturing too, taking a leaf out of Bertrand Benoit's book and even going to the lengths of adding smudges/fingerprints that are visible at glancing angles.

Anyhow, enough of the talk; here's the REK Coffee table I've modelled;

Naturally I have a link to the model at my Turbosquid account:

I'm also trying to work on the presentation/studio lighting setup that I'm using, so any of you that are familliar with product shots and such that have any feedback, it's most welcome.

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