Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Million Poly Lamp

So i'm guessing the title has caught your eye, has it not?

Well, rest assured the title is only partially misleading. I've been polishing up on my 3DS Max modelling skills, which are still very much in their infancy but I thought I'd give another favourite design of mine a go at modelling, mostly because I wanted to have a crack at making the knurled handle, and work out my own way of creating a geometry based perforated piece of metal.

The design is by Benjamin Hubert, whos designs I've seen in many places but never actually researched who they were by until recently. I especially like some of his cast concrete lights. Check out his site:

As you can see, the poly count on it is fairly high - but this rockets skyward when the turbosmooth modifier on the perforated metal (not shown in the image) is applied at render time. Just 2 iterations pushes the model past the million polygon mark to a respactable 1,026,765 polys!

And before you say it; yes I know that the effect could have been quite easily achieved via an opacity map but I wanted to do this as both practice, and for the simple fact that I wanted to take a few believable close ups. Enough talk, more pictures!

As always, here's a link to the model at turbosquid, hope you all like!

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