Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A work in progress

Whilst I've made many hints at starting lots of portfolio works both online and to my friends & family, I always make a marvelous start which very quickly fades to nothing and I end up with a myriad of half finished projects. Alas I can't help but feel it's simply because I've picked projects that don't interest me enough; I've always yearned to re-create Mies Van Der Rohe's Farnsworth House, but with it having been done so many times (and especially well by Alessandro Prodan) I figured I might as well scrap that idea...

It was with this that I came up with the idea to produce a 3D of a building that had been inspired by the Farnsworth house, so I set about looking for similar buildings and eventually found myself repeatedly coming back to one building in particular; the Olnick Spanu House by Alberto Campo Baeza. This was exactly the project I was looking for with a modern, sleek, minimal building set against a backdrop of heavy forrest with a stunning vista across a river to the hills beyond.

So I've started creating the building, piece by piece using photographs gleaned from the internet; I had to re-draw in CAD all of the floorplans and tweak little bits & pieces to get them to work properly, but it was worth it as it's taken a lot of the headache out of working out certain details.

Here are my work in progress images.:

[small update] A few more shots to add:

Currently focusing my efforts on the kitchen area, which is gradually coming together. I'm having to freestyle this quite a bit as I've almost exhausted all the info that can be gleaned from the photo's I've got.


  1. Thanks! Need to get back to work on this, it's been shelved for a while because I've been so busy on other projects, plus the thought of re-linking all the bitmaps, etc due to a server move doesn't fill me with excitement!