Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What's new?

Well, I'm back with an update, albeit a minor one. Nothing much new to report on the Olnick Spanu House project as it's taken a slight back seat due to work & the fact that I've bought a new bike and am trying to get some use out of it before what little there is of the summer disappears.

The bike (for those of you interested) is a Norco Faze DX:

And for those of you that aren't... another reason you're not seeing an update at the moment on the Olnick Spanu house is because I'm in way over my head in tree modelling, gunning for pure realism, along with several other people (noteworthies including Bertrand Benoit, Toni Fresnedo, Ronen Bekerman & Juraj Talcik) over at Ronen Bekerman's Forums.

Hopefully the discussion there should result in a way to realistically create trees, plants and other various natural phenomena. It's all getting a little bit deep, but is certainly an interesting read that will get your mind working overtime, if you're into 3D leaves and other such things..!

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