Thursday, 13 September 2012

Grow trees, grow!

So linking on from my last post in which I explained that I'm currently in the process of creating various bits of foliage for the Olnick Spanu House project I felt that it might be of interest to show you some of the progress made with the leaf shader - of which there was some talk on the Ronen Bekerman Forums, a fair bit of which was being directed at the lack of reflectivity when using the VRay2sided material, and the lack of light penetrating the leaves...

I however am of the thought that the 2sided material gives plenty of reflection on the leaves I'm trying to create, though perhaps when I get around to making more waxy/shiny leaves this might not be the case. Either way here are my first proper results;

I think the translucency is working just fine, and short of using actual SSS I can't see how you'd achieve anything more accurate? Anyhow, there is still a huge amount of foliage that I need to model, everything from weeds & nettles through to massive, mature trees.

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  1. Nice leaf shaders you have here, considering of doing some test on my Roces House about this issue!!