Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Windows 8 and OS woes

Firstly, let's get things straight. I cannot stand apple, purely because I don't like OSX (don't get me started) and nor do I like paying a ludicrous amount for something I could get cheaper without a little apple logo on it; the latter reason probably being the more predominant of the two.

This may then lead you to believe that I am some kind of PC fanboy, and that Microsoft can do no wrong. I hasten to add that you'd be wrong on this count and that I in fact am one of Microsofts toughest critics, though I've never really voiced my opinion terribly loudly outside of my friends and colleagues.

I have however always used Microsoft operating systems, from the days of windows 3.1 (I'm not old enough to remember windows 1) right through to 7, which I use both on my graphics workstation and my music workstation. I'd go as far as to say that Windows 7 has been the strongest, most stable operating system that Microsoft has ever offered its consumers; certainly from the point of view of someone that uses graphics/music/cpu/ram intensive stuff every day. So, as with any major OS upgrade I was intrigued to see just how much they have overhauled the GUI on windows 8.

Naturally though, I didn't want to be the first to test it out so I waited until people I knew had adopted it and had a go on theirs! My first impressions were that the new "Metro" start screen looks very current and that it's taken on very much the same look as their phone operating system.

Sadly my first impressions were rapidly put in their place when it came to actually using the OS for anything other than simply dicking about on the internet, and looking at pictures. Why they have chosen to do away with the start menu is simply beyond me. Yes, I am aware that this OS is built to promote touch surfaces to a greater extent - but what about those of us that us PC's to... Well, do actual work?

I can't help but feel that Microsoft will be shooting themselves in the foot in a big way should they try to press on with this style of OS, simply because businesses and workflows wont be able to, or wont want to adapt to it.

What's even more disheartening about the whole thing is that it appears Windows Blue, the next major update from Microsoft is pushing this side of things even farther than windows 8 has;

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Sad times for us windows users. It leaves me wondering whether or not I will simply have to adapt to the new stuff, or switch OS and at this moment in time, i'm not sure which is the greater evil. I suppose my message to Microsoft would be "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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